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Incogniti Cricket Club    -    Since 1861

The world's third oldest wandering cricket club

As the motto intimates, the Incogs are “unknown only to the unknown”. However the records of nearly 8000 matches played over 150 seasons suggest that, in the distinctive colours of purple, black and gold, they would be recognised in cricketing circles, not just throughout Britain but in the many foreign countries that the Club has toured. 

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Upcoming fixtures
Date: Sun 21 Jul 2024
 Incogniti CC Philanderers CCAway (@Exning Park CC) 1pm
Date: Mon 29 Jul 2024
 Incogniti CC Malmesbury CCAway 1.30pm
Date: Tue 30 Jul 2024
 Incogniti CC Trowbridge CCAway 11.00
Date: Wed 31 Jul 2024
 Incogniti CC Burbage & Easton Royal CCAway TBC
Date: Thu 01 Aug 2024
 Incogniti CC Wiltshire Queries CCAway (@TBC) 11.30
Date: Sun 04 Aug 2024
 Incogniti CC Hurlingham Club CC Away 11.00
Date: Wed 07 Aug 2024
 Incogniti CC Cross Arrows CCAway (@Berkhamsted CC) 11.30
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