Incogniti Golf Society

Incogniti Golfing Society



Hopefully you’re all aware, but just in case you’re not, Incogniti also run a golf society which sees a numbers of fixtures throughout the year, on some of the finest golf course in the UK…and the best bit is they are open to ALL members of the club.

In recent years I have found myself as one of a few who have been the youth policy. Sadly we are all getting older and with the core of the society now well over 80 we need to inject some new blood if we are going to survive.

I want to make clear that you really don’t need to be Sergio Garcia to play in these fixtures, if you enjoy playing golf, like a good day out and are happy to socialise with fellow Incogs then this is a no brainer.

If playing members don’t start to support the Golfing Society then sadly I believe in the next year or two this most enjoyable part of being an Incog member will disappear and nobody wants that to happen!

If you are interested in getting involved, or wish to introduce someone who would be, please contact Wes Lewis - or John Trumper -